Short Form Innovation Audit
The innovation audit is a proven method to improve innovation. A detailed survey will examine key indicators, determine strengths and weaknesses and identifies ways of improving innovation throughout the organisation.
Following customer feedback for the need of a cost-effective quick audit, Innovation for Growth designed a low-cost, easy to complete survey, which we then analyse and provide feedback to you by way of a brief written report covering our findings and recommendations.
This is in addition to our more detailed, time consuming and costly, innovation audits. The findings lead to recommendations which can immediately be implemented in your organisation. Should you then require an additional audit, this short form audit will be used to help us to target more detailed analysis.

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The fee for this audit is £100 + VAT, payable through PayPal, or by cheque for £120, (incl VAT) sent to our correspondence address.
The survey asks 25 questions covering the five areas we consider important, with each question requiring two answers - one being your perception of how well your company performs, the second asking you to rank the importance to customers and/or staff.

The answers are plotted on 6 separate charts which give guidance as to whether improvements should be implemented, and if so, recommendations are given.
To purchase the short form audit, please use PayPal ‘Buy Now’ button. Upon successful completion of payment, you will be taken to the survey.
    Short Form Audit & Recommendat