Business Plans

Business Plan
A business plan is a written document that describes in detail how a business is going to achieve its goals.

Whilst some people believe that the business plan should be tailored to the specifics of the business, we believe that it should be tailored to the purpose of the plan (in addition to the business specifics), and generally this will be ‘the backer’. The contents of the plan should be as follows:
  1. Executive summary;
  2. The business;
  3. Market demand;
  4. Competition;
  5. Strategy;
  6. Resources;
  7. Financials and forecasts;
  8. Risk, opportunity and sensitivity; and
  9. Conclusion.
“A man who does not think and plan long ahead will find trouble right at his door”

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We can assist you in the formulation of your business plan. Depending upon your requirements we can:
  • advise on the format and contents of the business plan;
  • offer general ‘behind the scenes’ support;
  • provide external input on specific parts of the plan;
  • provide an “additional pair of hands’ to release your people to do their “day job”;
  • sense check/proof read later/final drafts;
  • assist in the formulation and writing of the plan.
Business plans are needed for the following purposes:
  • a formal, explicit document of the planning process;
  • a joint-venture partner;
  • a sale of the business;
  • a request for funding, both equity and debt;
  • a framework for approval;
  • a tool for operational business management.
Business Planning
Innovation for Growth is able to help you in your business planning needs as follows:
  • facilitate the identification of possible scenarios;
  • assist in scenario formulation;
  • provide support in the analysis of outcomes from the different scenarios;
  • help in assessing appropriate strategies to address outcomes.
Business planning (also known as ‘long-range planning’) is an extension of business plans. It is a more targeted look at some aspect of the business and often utilises scenario planning to identify ‘what-if’ situations to produce a range of possible outcomes which are then analysed and assessed.
Business Planning
These impacts can be either good or bad. However, having strategies in place to react to any circumstance is the result of good business planning.
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